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EI paternity/parental benefits

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Nov 27, 2017
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EI paternity/parental benefits

Hi! Long story short...

I'm due at the end of December with our first baby. My husband would like to go for paternity/parental leave. We checked a few infos about it, and so far we think the most logical would be if he takes it on a special plan, which means 3 wks paternity and 25 weeks parental leave which would pay 75% of his gross income. However, since it is a source of income, it is taxable. And thats where I need a little help from those with experience.
How much tax will be deducted exactly? We are from Quebec, and for the provincial tax we have an idea but we cannot find any info about the federal tax deduction when you're on parental leave. We tried to call Service Canada EI, but their line is busy all the time, tried to talk with other departments, but they couldn't answer this question. LOL

From my part, I won't (can't) take maternity leave because I was full-time house wife for the past 1,5 years. So the only income is from hubby.

Anyone with some info? We checked every related websites, no luck.
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Why would you call service Canada, just get a tax calculator for 2018 QC and figure it out.
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Sep 19, 2013
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do you want to know to your deductions now OR do you want to know your eventual 2018 taxes?

for your eventual 2018 taxes, use the tax calculator as greg123 mentioned above. this will be the taxes you'll be charged when you file in spring 2019. depending on how much you paid already, you'll get a refund (most probably).

if your question is about what your tax deductions will be with each pay, i cant tell you exactly. but i will tell you the concept. the company's tax formula assumes that you will get paid the same for the entire year and taxes each pay accordingly. this is from my general experience, not based on formal knowledge.

but out of curiosity, why do you care so much about deductions. if you dont have a cash crunch, everything should iron out when you file the taxes.
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Was in pretty much the same boat as you a few months ago, my wife stays home with the kids. I just checked my late 2016 RQAP stub and provincial takes exactly 10% off the gross amount and federal takes 9%.