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End of contract/Upgrade with Rogers

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  • Nov 7th, 2018 2:53 pm
Jun 13, 2015
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End of contract/Upgrade with Rogers

So I've been a loyal customer of Roger's since 2012. My contract is up this coming December and back in June I talked to a rep thru chat who added $100 credit on my account to go towards my device balance so that I could upgrade early. They also said that they would put a note on my account so that when I do upgrade I wouldn't have to change my plan/price as I was able to get on the $85/10GB plan promo plan they ran last boxing day.

I contacted them thru the chat recently and of course they don't see any notes left on my account about not having to change my price etc when I upgrade but tell me if I pay $279 upfront for the phone I want that I can keep my current pricing plan 10gb for $85/month otherwise I have to pay $100/month for the 10gb plan.

So I'm just wondering would it be worth calling into customer retentions to act like I want to quit and hope that they'll let me keep my current plan? I would much prefer to go to Costco or Best Buy to upgrade as you can usually get a gift card with a renewal of contract or should I just get rid of rogers finally and go somewhere else?

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Nov 28, 2013
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Do you have a record of the chat? If you don't, they're not going to do much for you. Calling retentions will absolutely offer you better deals than what the chat rep offered you, but it's no guarantee of anything. My guess is what they'll say is that they have no way to keep you on your current plan, but they can keep you paying the same amount per month by adding "promotional discounts" to your plan, that you then have to call back every year to get in order to keep paying the same amount per month.

It's always worth looking at other carriers, of course - there's no reason to stay with one company these days, really, most don't give a single shit how long you've been with them. Rogers lost my business of over a decade and never even called me with a winback offer when I switched over to Public Mobile 2 years ago.
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NEVER be a loyal customer of ANY company these days, it doesn't get you anything except extra headaches and out of pocket expenses.

With that out of the way, how much of that 10GB are you actually using, and do you "need" all that 10GB? If not, there are much better options out there. And how comfortable are you with buying a phone outright? 95% of the time it's always cheaper (over 2 years) to buy a phone outright than to get "subsidized" phones on overpriced plans. I've not been on a contract since 2012, and no way am I getting back into one unless a killer deal could be had.
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