Engineering transfer student

Jul 10, 2017
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Engineering transfer student

Hello all I hope you're having a good day or good evening.

I find myself in a very interesting situation I currently attend the University of Manitoba faculty of engineering. I have been kicked out for two years as of this past may however my academic performance is fine I just got a D in three courses which brought down my tgpa below 2.0 three times. The reason why I have been kicked is not because my gosh is too low to proceed rather that my credit hours attempted to pass fell below 75%. I may add that at the University of Manitoba with repeat courses they do not give you credit hours for the first attempt when you pass but still count it towards your attempted seeing as how I repeated 4 classes to attain B+'s in each I had 12 credit hours taken away from me.

To keep this short I am transferring to Ryerson University into a arts faculty and will be doing bird liberals for the eng program I have looked at what credits I can transfer over and I can't transfer over 5 of my non core engineering courses. What are my chances of getting in? My highschool average is 88% institution gpa 3.1 dgpa 2.4.