Entering a CPA program with limited experience

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  • Oct 12th, 2017 11:54 pm
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Oct 16, 2013
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WetCoastGuy wrote:
Oct 12th, 2017 10:21 pm
I agree with the above comments...what do you meant by "saturated"? Do you mean "anyone graduating will be snapped up including those with C marks" then, yes it is saturated. Just getting a degree will not get you anywhere unless an employer can see the potential. if you can't even demonstrate dedication in your chosen field by getting good grades, forget it. I get notification of all sorts of accounting job postings on LinkedIn for Vancouver all the time so the market for accountants is alive and well. You're probably not looking in the right places.

As for accounting as a career, it can lead to many other options like auditing, tax, financial management, and valuations other than just sticking with debits and credits.
Where did I said that I sux at school?
For the record, I graduated with a high B+ average and did Co-Ops. Yeah, I coasted in the final year. I don't know about anyone else. Also, I have never been asked by an employer what was my final GPA, I am sorry if your did.

Plus, I am a designated accountant.

For saturated, I mean that supply is greater than demand has not kept up/ decrease hence very competitive and a steep climb for those without the network or exp. Yes, there are job postings in Toronto every day too. If you talk to HR in banks, they will tell you that for each job posting they get 1000 - 2000 applications. I talk to smaller firms and they stated that they get 200- 300 applications for one posting posted online. I worked with a NPO that help new immigrants to get into the accounting field and it is a very steep uphill climb for them.

It is know that it is an employer market. That's why when you read job postings a significant number of employers are looking for their unicorn while wanting to pay little.

A while ago, this site use to get monthly postings of people saying that they can't get a job or underemployed in accountant. In the last one that OP (not this OP) ended up cursing Canada while making multiple threads. The conscious from other accountants on this board is that the bottom and mid levels of accounting is saturated which OP will be competing against.

My first sentence in the topic was "The field is saturated and unless you know someone to get you in the door, its going to be a long hard climb and road to get the exp" . Not once did I said it was impossible nor unlikely but unless OP know someone (network) its a long hard climb to exp. Meaning it can be done. After getting exp, its suppose to be smooth sailing. The first sentence does imply if OP has the exp than its not a hard climb.

I hope that you all read OP topic where he states that s/he has no/ limited exp in the field. Meaning that more than likely OP will be starting near the bottom/ junior role unless s/he get lucky.