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[Epic Games] Super Meat Boy for FREE now to Mid-JAN

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  • Jan 10th, 2019 6:00 pm
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Dec 6, 2018
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Saint Laurent
OK, did not expect that and I heard so many good reviews about Subnautica! Sad it's not gonna be free on steam...but will grab it anyway. Thanks!
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Jun 16, 2009
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ph00p wrote: Just a heads up, I've been signed up with Epic since Fartnight beta, and I've gotten several Epic emails telling me I need to change my password because it's been compromised, constantly actually. Fartnight is too big of a target for scriptkiddies that want to steal/sell accounts.

Just a cautionary tale before you think of giving Epic your email account, people love Fartnight, and they'll try and steal/sell accounts constantly because of this.

Also, Steam is OK, not great(constant updates doing nothing are annoying), we don't need another outbreak of download clients. It's like with the digital streaming, there were a ton of services a few years ago, they all died and netflix was still standing, now everyone wants their own client AGAIN(Disney, DC, etc.), the industry never learns.
LOL, they're making their own streaming services because the industry IS learning. That's why Disney is jumping in, they have the IP's to compete with Netflix. Netflix stock has been dropping since the summer because of the upcoming competition.

Steam having a potentially large competitor is a good thing. And getting email warnings about possible hacks against your account is a strike against Epic? How so? Sounds like they're being proactive to me. Besides, I've gotten the same emails and the idea they want to pass on to the recipeint is to enable two-factor authorization. I have that enabled in Steam and PSN, everyone should use it by now.
c'mon get happy! :cheesygri
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Feb 18, 2018
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Not a fan of another dam launcher so will never spend money there but I will take the free games to my account.
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Dec 9, 2018
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Umm I dont think it is working when i click on subnautica it says coming soon when it is Dec 12... am i doing something wrong?
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Dec 4, 2010
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Today is the day for free?
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Apr 16, 2011
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Still says "coming soon".

Edit: Is it free to play during the time period, or free to keep?
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Mar 15, 2011
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Its Up!

Note: site may list it for $24.99 but upon checkout it goes to free!
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Jul 6, 2017
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jronald wrote: Still says "coming soon".

Edit: Is it free to play during the time period, or free to keep?
Good question. It shows up as $24.99 now. So.....what's the deal?

EDIT: The $24.99 just changed to FREE on the site!
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Apr 28, 2017
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jronald wrote: Still says "coming soon".

Edit: Is it free to play during the time period, or free to keep?
Only for the time period
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Feb 16, 2012
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User381785 wrote: Only for the time period
i think its free during the time period.. but you get to keep it afterwards too... i.e. usually 24.99.. but if you add it to your account during the time period its free.. i think... even after the time period - you get to keep it..
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Oct 30, 2012
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GiOBoY wrote: Nice - need to remember to get it before Dec-27
I mean, you could just get it now?