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Equifax keeps messing up - legal action?

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  • Mar 4th, 2014 1:49 pm
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Jan 7, 2007
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I spent a year trying to get Equifax to correct my birthday. They somehow changed it from a January birthdate to a June birthdate - I dunno if someone had written 'Jun' somewhere, someone misread it, or what, but they changed what should've been a fixed-value field, IMO.

And what a pain - it's on you to get them to correct it, often doing a bunch of crap, sending copies of your driver's license, etc., for a mistake they made. They don't give a crap, because there's nothing they have to do.
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Oct 4, 2004
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Busybuyer888 wrote:
Mar 4th, 2014 11:29 am
Think which firms are allowed to ask for your SIN (ie. bank). Does Fido ask for SIN?
Actually, they can. There's a couple of ways to pull someone's information but no, SIN is not required and no, I don't believe its ever anyone's first choice to use SIN when signing up for a new cell phone.

What I'm reading on this thread is a lot of the blame game. At this point in time, one person, or a few, don't have the power to completely overhaul our credit granting system, so what can we do? Same thing we do for every monopolized industry- deal with it. For now.

What I suggest is for OP to pull his and his dad's report from both bureaus and have them sent to his home to read over to make sure everything is in place and accurate. If it's not, then there is obviously an immediate issue that should get fixed and you'll have to be more careful with credit applications in the future. Using your SIN is the best way to make sure the right file is being pulled. However, in this case, before doing that, you can't just jump to the conclusion that Equifax or Transunion has mixed up your profiles again, the automated questions they ask you to verify your identity are very convoluted and I often have a hard time answering them myself. Sometimes they ask you about products you don't own, like a car loan, but you may not own a car, etc. And also, last time you had this problem you didn't exactly have established credit anywhere, so it was the first time your profile was being pulled, there should now be two distinct profiles listed under the same address.
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