ETF distribution question

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Mar 9, 2014
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ETF distribution question

Hey guys

Average CCP investor a few years in here. I've currently got my TFSA broken out as follows and am getting ready to contribute for 2018. Not sure if I should contribute to these funds or add on another ETF to diversify further. This is money I won't need anytime soon. Prior to any rebalancing my current distribution is as follows. I'm inclined not to bother rebalancing right now since the proportions seem reasonable.

VUN - 33.12%
VCN - 28.23%
VXC - 13.23%
XEF - 8.86%
VAB - 7.17%

Advice appreciated!
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Jul 1, 2006
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The model portfolio's here are using some different ETFs, but there is probably little reason to switch and incur extra trading costs. I bring this up only as a matter of interest.
https://cdn.canadianportfoliomanagerblo ... -09-30.pdf

The only possible thing that could be added would be real estate, (REIT ETF- such as ZRE). But most CCP model portfolios don't include them.

Overall though it looks like a reasonable portfolio IMHO. Since you are following a typical couch potato approach, I don't think there would be any reason to diversify further.

You can use your new contributions to help bring the most under target allocation ETFs closer into your desired allocation.