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Expert Opinion on Credit Info

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Expert Opinion on Credit Info

Hey there; on both my Transunion and Equifax reports, I noticed that I have a public record to a leasing company (for the car that I bought and got an "instalment" loan for). It doesn't show the actually balance, it shows $0. I am just unsure if this is considered a negative entry (though the way the agencies reports it, it looks like it could be).

Info below:
Public Records

Things like bankruptcies and legal judgments against you can show up on your credit report, and do some damage to your score.

XXXXXXXXX Leasing Company $0
Filed: xxx/xx/xxxx


Record type Registered Item
Trustee —
Reference number xxxxxxxxxxxx
Bankruptcy court number —
Asset amount —
Exempt amount —
Liability amount —
Filed date xxx x, xxxx
Date resolved —
Closed date —
Deleted personal info and dates...

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All secured loans that require a PPSA registration will be reported to your credit file under public records.
It is not a negative mark and has no negative impact on credit scoring.
In fact, it helps your overall credit profile more than it hurts it. When you apply for your next auto loan the auto loan lenders (banks and captive) like seeing previous auto loan experience especially if your usual transportation needs are via the leasing option as most lessors do not report the leases as tradelines.

Note: some smaller lessors don't bother filing a PPSA at all due to the fact the property is already licensed and registered in their name and stays in their name.
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