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Fake Roots receipt email?

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  • Nov 21st, 2018 6:03 am
Sep 20, 2006
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Fake Roots receipt email?

It's very strange that I received an email today from "" titled "Receipt from your recent Roots purchase" with a PDF attachment. The PDF has a looks like a scanned copy of Roots logo but txt is clear with real store phone number and address from Calgary, and it has purchase date and sold to with my full name and 2 sales person names then the items purchased, it shows the person paid with $100 gift card and rest on a master card with 4 ending numbers that I don't own. It's really weird it look real but the email address seems strange as I ordered some stuffs from Roots online before and the email address doesn't end with "" and why would receipt email using "rootscorporation" name, do I need to concern about it? or it's phishing scam? It's weird that it doesn't ask me to click any link or anything and the PDF file is clean from virus scan.
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May 29, 2004
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Did you check the complete header of the email which will you more detail where it came from specially the mail server part? It is likely incomplete phishing scam.
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Mar 14, 2004
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I hear this is happening with Amazon accounts too and a link takes you to an Amazon site that looks almost like the real one and ask you to log in and update your CC info. Beware.
May 27, 2018
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Once I made a mistake of clicking on the link in the scam. It was from Apple app store but then I quickly realized something was fishy. I quickly changed my password and called Apple. They confirmed it was a phishing scam. So to be safe, you can always call the store and ask about the transaction.


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