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FedEx US to Canada.. Item return to seller.

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Jun 19, 2009
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FedEx US to Canada.. Item return to seller.

I was wondering if anyone with a business (or not) selling items to US customers have had their items returned for refund or repair. If so, what is the proper way for customer to fill out shipping forms so I don't have to pay any custom taxes. I've had my US customer return an item for repair in the past and I had to pay custom taxes on it (even though the customer didn't pay any to receive it) because the parcel wasn't filled out correctly. I couldn't even get the money back after disputing with Canada Customs. Canada customs are very difficult to deal with and wouldn't even budge after I sent them emails of my correspondence with customer regarding the return.

The item my customer will be shipping back for repair is worth about $3000 so I need to make sure I won't be taxed on it. My customer didn't have to pay any custom taxes to receive it because it is a handmade item.

My customer plans to ship it back using FedEx International Priority overnight.