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Jun 1, 2018
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[Fido] Fido question

Long time Fido customer (2002)
Have 3 lines for my wife, daughter and myself.
Have upgraded and passed down iPhones since the iPhone 3
Currently on byod on my line, the longest running, with an iPhone 7 tab on my wife’s line, and a byod on my daughters line.
When I select upgrade on my line, it offers me an iPhone 8 256 for $199, with an extra large tab of only 5gb at $110/mth
Select the same on my daughters line, shortest time of sign up, it offers the same phone for $49, and $100 extra large 10gb plan.
I’m really considering pulling the plug on Fido because it’s actually insulting.
Can anyone advise why this difference?
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Nov 11, 2008
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What is your original plan? and what is your daughter's original plan? I found that the trend is if you are on a higher price plan, they rarely give you a lower rate, where is if you are on the low rate, they give you a decent rate to upgrade to.