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Fido phone alternatives to the LG L3

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Nov 29, 2011
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Fido phone alternatives to the LG L3


So I've recently switched from virgin mobile to fido's $25/month plan which seems pretty good right now.

150 mins (Canada)
unlimited E/W from 5pm. (had 6 pm before)
unlimited text
caller ID & voicemail
$45 dollar gift card and an LG L3 android phone which is on a tab to be finished in 2 years time.

I thought it was great so I switched over at the time but I realize this phone has absolutely terrible reviews. Now, I don't use my phone as much as other people probably do, but still, is there a better alternative that I could have gotten for a sub $200 android phone by Fido? I'm pretty out of the loop with phones but I don't know these things nearly as well as most of you probably do. I don't have to have the best phone out there, but the reviews kinda scare me. Any suggestions?
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Mar 29, 2011
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I vaguely remember someone on rfd mentioned they got a Xperia U for free with a 2-year contract with that 25 plan. If you don't mind the non-expandable storage and if you can manage to find one in stock, it may not be a bad choice.

Good luck :)
Jan 31, 2004
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Both the RAZR HD and the Galaxy Nexus are available for under $200. Unlike most of Fido's line up, they don't suck.

The nexus will be updated every time Google makes any improvement. On the other hand, the razr has actually usable battery life. Both have high resolution screens making them easy to look at.
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Sep 10, 2002
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I believe the Samsung S3 is now $250 on a 2 year contrat.

Don't know if you have yo get data for it though.
Jan 22, 2008
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Which problems did you experience with the phone? I mean you didn't just stop using it because it got bad reviews somwhere, right?