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Filming Soccer Games ? DSLR / IPAD / Camcorder ? HELP

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  • Nov 12th, 2017 9:11 am
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Jan 31, 2007
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Panasonic is coming out with a couple of killer camcorders:

991: (in-camera edits i.e. post IS 4k->1080p are cool)
981: (in-camera edits i.e. face-tracking pans on the tripod mounted camcorder are extremely impressive)

I just found a video that talks about both models. The 991 has a PIP mode via a 2nd rotating camera. YouTube vloggers with limited editing knowledge are gonna crap their pants... You can also add a 2nd PIP wirelessly via camera phone. Really neat stuff that no one else seems to have thought of. 991 & 981 are under $1kUSD MSRP:
Nov 28, 2006
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doing some research on this as well...
here is what i used this season, iphone 7 plus
Oct 21, 2019
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We used SVT Advantage with our team and the camera they sold to us was the CX405 which gets the job done. The kit honestly has worked so well for us as it only takes one person and it's very simple to use. The pole is elvated with the camera up at the top. You control everything from down below with the monitor and the remote which makes it's very easy to zoom in and out as well as follow the action that's going on. It was honestly one of the best purchases we have made with the team because it no longer was a hassle to film.

Hope this helps!