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Jan 12, 2006
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Finding the Wii Fit

So I've decided that I want to get one of these for a friend for Christmas, and I started looking. I suppose that everyone else here already knows that that's a difficult thing to do, since they're in short supply, but I didn't know that until yesterday.

Anyways, I start pointing and clicking, and found that my local Future Shop claims to have stock! Great! So I go down there and, no, they actually don't have any stock, the inventory program that supplies the information to the website was in error. They have some in the back that will be available when the doors open tomorrow morning, but not now, thanks for coming.

I returned home, and just a short time ago I noticed that my local Best Buy has stock now. (It didn't a few hours earlier, but it does now.) I called to inquire, and after trying about five times to get someone to pick up the $&#*ing phone, someone told me that no, the website is in error, and that they'll have about 40 copies for sale when the doors open at 8am. I was further advised that a line-up would probably be in place at that time.

I realize that inventory isn't always an easy thing to manage, but gee whiz, it's like they're teasing me.
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Aug 4, 2005
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I know how you feel.

Truth is I don't really care for one but need to get it to give as a Christmas gift.

But with my situation, because I work during the day, I cna't go till evning to buy one and by time then its all sold out.
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Jan 21, 2007
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I was in a Loblaws on Monday at around 6:00PM and went into the electronics department to take a look around and saw 2 Wii Fit behind the glass case. You should check places like that if there are any in your area. You never know.
Jan 12, 2006
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As I posted in the main Wii Fit thread, I picked one up this morning. I waited in line at Best Buy. The coming of the snowstorm was actually fortunate, in this case, as it gave me the opportunity to do this.