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Oct 16, 2019
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Fish box vs cooler

Probably a silly question but I'm new to offshor fishing and as simple as it seems, just wanted to see what others were doing.

Anyway, new boat will have forward fish boxes that drain overboard and a cooler for under the leaning post. I was thinking I would keep fish in a cooler because it would be easier to clean out. But then I'm not sure what to do with drinks and that sort of thing. We typically go out fishing and then stop at the sand bar after and more people join the party so we usually have more than just a few waters. Not sure my wife is going to love having fish mixed with drinks. I don't really want to have two coolers on board.

So then I thought I would use the fish boxes under-the-open-sky.com/best-coolers-for-boat for fish but I am concerned about cleaning them out. If I keep the fish in them until I get home that means draining and cleaning happens at my house. They drain overboard but it seems like the lines would still have some goop in them and maybe smell.

So what do you guys do?
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Been using the fish box forever and no issues with it being dirty. Just simply turn on the pump and then flush it out. Otherwise what's the point in having them?