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Aug 18, 2011
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Fix forum navigation

When you mouse over "Forums" you can see the options for "Discussion" and click for the forum you want. But not for "Hot Deals" you have to click it then click the forum you want. It should be the other way around since as I understand it's supposed to be a deal site, so I would imagine people want more streamlined access to the sections of "Hot Deals" over the rest.


Why not add a drop down tag for "Hot Deals" on the red bar? "Deals, Coupons, Map, Financial, Tools, Forums, Group Deals, Flyers, Hot Deals"

Theirs also no way to go back easy if you been browsing and posting through several threads in a single category. For example: Forums > Hot Deals > Games > Now you start browsing and posting through threads. Now if you want to switch categories, theirs no simple option at the top...it's either hit back a bunch of times or again "Forums > Hot deals > Whatever category :facepalm: