Travel - is it legit?

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Jul 29, 2005
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AK_41 wrote:
Nov 17th, 2014 4:14 pm
I emailed them to complain and tell them about how their company had cancelled my entire flight where I only had knew that I thought they only cancelled one way flight. And when I sent them an email to THEY BOUNCE BACK MY EMAIL?!!! [/B]
Ummm... not defending them or anything, but their email address is ...
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Jun 2, 2010
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Be sure to read the fine print. They sometimes quote prices in U.S. dollars.
Feb 18, 2015
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I recently booked a round-trip ticket from Kamloops, BC to Windsor, ON and did all my "due diligence" in doing so. Found a good flight on, keyword being "ca", for $721.

Here's where I made my mistake. Assuming a Canadian website, operating in Canada, selling tickets for a Canadian Airline, for travel in Canada, and giving no up-front indication that the price was in USD, I bought the ticket.

The next day, to my surprise upon checking my credit card account, discovered the flight did not cost me $721, but $897.50. I called their phone line and after being on hold for no less than 4 hours in total, spoke to a young lady possibly in India, judging by her accent, got nowhere with my complaint, except to be directed three quarters of the way down the confirmation page which, incidentally does not appear until after the "Confirm" button is pushed, where I was informed the price was in USD...... Too little, too late as the 24 hour grace period had already lapsed.

This to me borders on "Misrepesentation" and the buying public should be aware of these Scam-Artists! The young lady I spoke with gave me the email address, and I sent them a message. Two days have since passed and so far, no return email or phone call as I requested. My advice is to read all the fine print carefully to be sure you are getting what you think you are.
Jan 30, 2004
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Gibsons, BC
I booked two one-way flights with them last year using two different $10 coupons (same trip, one YVR - IND, the other returning). Their rates were the most reasonable, and the transaction went smoothly.

Reservations were made several months in advance, so I received several notifications from them about minor airline changes involving a few minutes. A few weeks before departure, a major change occurred. My SeaTac stopover went from 2+ hours to 32 minutes. It was imperative that I arrive in Vancouver by the originally scheduled time, and I felt this was too tight, so I phoned their customer service. My recollection is that I got through right away. I was told that another agent would phone me in the next couple of days to make alternative arrangements. By that time I'd located a different flight on the same airline which left at much the same time, with a longer layover in Salt Lake City. When the agent called, she made the change.

I was pleased with my dealings with flyfar, and I've just made a similar booking with them.
Aug 2, 2006
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Same story here...booked me an error asking to call. I get an international call center who asks me for my full CC # as they are calling the airline...Then they come back saying its 60$ more...on a $300 ticket.
Aug 3, 2015
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I got some jitters when I read prevalently adverse reviews on Flyfat that I decided to validate myself published complaints. Going home to Manila and using CZ for the first time Via Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. I know I could face ruckus in China having travelled 4x earlier in various cities on several engagements. I dialed Flyfar 1-888 number and a polite Customer Rep was promptly available in seconds. Consequently, all responses to my queries were to my satisfaction. We even explored what if worst scenarios and agent Myris addressed them with confidence and precision. It is still next month that I will be flying. I will have to check if the rest of my experiences with Flyfar will be that still commendable once travel complications set in. It is but fair that I share anew whatever happens. Customer service is imperfect but God forbids, I do not want any mess up Flyfar, like any traveller wishes. Special kudos to Myris!
Sep 1, 2015
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Toronto, ON
AK_41 wrote:
Nov 17th, 2014 4:14 pm
I emailed them to complain and tell them about how their company had cancelled my entire flight where I only had knew that I thought they only cancelled one way flight. And when I sent them an email to THEY BOUNCE BACK MY EMAIL?!!!
That's probably because their website address is, so their email address is Might want to get that right before spewing like you did. Just a thought. I've used them 7 times for a booking and only ever had a problem once. They're not great but they do reply to emails sent to the right email address. SMH
Nov 21, 2014
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I find it strange that the majority of the users posting negative reviews only have one post in their history......
Sep 30, 2015
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Toronto, ON
From personal experience, the 24/7 customer service number is a delusion, considering that you are put on hold for 30-45 minutes to reach an operator. While this is feasible from your local area, it's not possble to wait for this lenghth of time to resolve an issue long distance from your cell phone. Beyond this, it is correct that FlyFar does not respond to emails regardless of the address they are sent to. I have made 4 calls (long distance) on my cell to resolve an issue. Couldn't wait! And there's no way to leave a message! Emails to several addresses I had at the time of my booking with actual operators? No response! It's been 5 days.

It seems to me that FlyFar is not accountable for errors they make, for their non response to customers' issues (post bookings), for their failure to warn customers regarding sudden flight changes, and/or for their non response to emails when one tries to resolve a problem. Even the airline that FlyFar booked my ticket with, couldn't reach them to inform them of a change to my booking! Once you book with FlyFar, their alleged "savings" are NOT worth the potential hassles! Book at your own risk!
Mar 9, 2017
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Appeared cheaper at first. They don't guarantee prices that they advertise. After I booked, I received an email saying half of my round trip could not be booked. However, they already charged me for a trip to my destination (but not home again.) When I went to call and cancel they told me that I was stuck paying for the ticket that didn't bring me home or I had to give them another $250 for the increase in price for the return ticket. Luckily, the airline themselves was willing to give me credit, although not full credit. I cancelled and used a different site.
Mar 19, 2017
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They had the cheapest flights but they charged each ticket individually from outside of the US causing my credit card to charge me international fees eight international fees. They never said that they would charge each ticket individually or that the charges could cause international fees. Very disappointing.