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Locked: [FS] Free!! $75 in Apple online store credit (purchase over $375)

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  • Jan 3rd, 2013 5:27 pm
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Jan 6, 2006
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Free!! $75 in Apple online store credit (purchase over $375)


After not getting any action on this ad for 30 days, I have had a bunch of PM's on it, but no takers yet. I extended the code until March 30.


Yes, that title is accurate. You take $75 off any $375+ purchase. I have a coupon for the Apple online store. It works like this

$35 off a purchase of at least $125
$75 off a purchase of at least $250
$125 off a purchase of at least $375

Obviously it's best to use this for a bigger purchase. If you're thinking of making a purchase of more than $375 at the Apple store, and you want $75 off, let me know. I'll buy the item and you can pay me the retail - $75 + full taxes. Your final value goes down commensurately with purchase amount. As you may know, these codes are no good for iPhones, iPads or AAPL TV (I know - sucks), but work for notebooks and refurbs as well as other big ticket items.

Please remember - Apple warranties are fully transferable with no receipt. Like Lenovo, the warranty travels with the hardware, not the original purchaser.

Unfortunately the code is not transferable so I will have to make the purchase. We can stack AAPL gift cards on this purchase.

This is a feeler. Let me know if you're interested and we can try to structure a deal. The code expires at the end of March.
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Too bad can not buy iphones and Ipads.