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Aug 6, 2006
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Free Icoke.ca Pins

Just because I love RFD, I have some icoke.ca pins to giveaway. I went to the bottle depot and am now in reciept of a 20lb bag of caps and other miscellanous garbage. That will be good for a few years.... :D

Remember to post if you took the PINS and I'll post more as the days go on...



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Oct 20, 2005
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thank you!
how did you manage to get soo many caps?
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Aug 6, 2006
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Straight from the bottle depot! Most depots require you to remove all caps before returning bottles, so each sorting station will have a bucket for caps. All these caps are dumped into one big garbage bin and then taken to the local recycling plant.

I schmoozed the local staff and told them what I use the caps for. They had absolutely no problem letting me take the whole big bin they had currently and told me I could come by any time and remove the bag! Since they just take this to the metal/plastic recycling place and don't receive any money for it, they said I'm more than welcome to it. "Your actually saving us time and money in gas hauling these bags to the recycling plant" is what they said. Total WIN WIN situation here.

Although its kind of icky to wade through this huge bag to sort out the PINs myself. Smells terrible and is sticky. Even the local squirrel got into the bag yesterday, licked a few caps and then passed out on the steps. it will take me months/years to get through all the PINs I have since icoke.ca will only let you enter 10 pins a week.

So why not share with you people. I've been schlepping contest info off you guys for months now, better start paying it forward! :lol:

I suggest you guys go down to your local bottle depot and see if they don't mind giving you the biggest bag of stinky caps you've ever laid your eyes on.


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