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Free "I'm Sorry" Album Download from "The Neighbourhood"

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Dec 7, 2011
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Free "I'm Sorry" Album Download from "The Neighbourhood"

Enter your email, and they will send you the link to download their album for free. (47MB)


A little bit about them:

The Neighbourhood have pierced their way to the top, forcing all blogs and tastemakers to take notice.

Another Foster The People? Many thinks so, and it may very well be true.

Countless of parallels already exists between the two, from producing quality lead tracks so genuine and infectious in nature to the location they originated,
these two California bands have induced an uproar in the music blogosphere at some point in time.

But whether The Neighbourhood will become or surpass Foster The People is not important, for now at least,
because the only thing that should be on your mind/ears right now is their I’m Sorry… EP, available for FREE DOWNLOAD today.

This Five-track EP is full of easy rhythms, catchy rhymes and an overwhelmingly gorgeous production that retains an honest and indie-esque feel.

[IMG]http://sunsetintherearview.com/wp-conte ... ry...1.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://sunsetintherearview.com/wp-conte ... -Cover.jpg[/IMG]

*** I've never heard of them before, but after listening to it, this is typical music that would have been used in shows like "The O.C.", "One Tree Hill", Etc...
*** If you like that kind of music, you wont be disappointed. :)

*** Ok, so I'm listening to "Sweater Weather" and wondering, why does this song seem so familiar... "k-os - Crabbuckit"
*** I'm starting to appreciate this download more and more. :)