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free image hosting alternative

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  • Mar 12th, 2005 1:20 pm
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Apr 8, 2004
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free image hosting alternative

So I was looking at my photobucket account again this week, and as usual I was pretty much out of space (again). Paying for a subscription was out of the question because I'm so cheap, but I still wanted the versatility of photobucket's interface, without any of its impish limitations.

It got me thinking. If photobucket could do it, surely I could as well... I started looking up scripts and testing them on my <a href=../autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=38 target=_blank>1and1</a> businesspro demo account, with its healthy 2gb of storage and 50gb of transfer.

So now, half a day later (tried a few other ones, including arcadia)....I am extremely happy to present to you this:

All I did was download Gallery from sourceforge (, upload onto my <a href=../autolink/redirectpage.php?linkid=38 target=_blank>1and1</a> directory via ftp, and followed their easy-to-use setup guide and wizard. I mean just look at management, basic image editing abilities, auto thumbnails, and all the little tweakable options that you could wish for...all in a pretty little package. It even has a java app for remote management.

I bet this is how photobucket or imageshack started before they had limit options due to the growing size of their userbase.

With some tweaking over the next while...I bet that this could be everything that I ever wanted in a image hosting setup. Maybe THEN I'll get to work on the vbulletin firefox extension that I wanted to get cracking on...