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[Amazon] Free Kindle ebook ; Beer Is Proof God Loves Us

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[Amazon] Free Kindle ebook ; Beer Is Proof God Loves Us


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Discover the extraordinary culture and history of brewing: the remarkable craft that reaches back before written history. Visit legendary British pubs now fading sadly into memory…and the craft breweries, corporate boardrooms, and home brewers that are the new future of beer. Learn how to tell a great beer from a good one…find surprising new research on beer and human health…uncover beer in the Bible (and other unlikely places)…and discover divinity and transcendence in your very next brew.

Yes, there’s more to beer than you ever imagined: It is the most complex, subtle, and remarkable beverage humans have ever created. Its story deserves to be told with love and passion. Charles W. Bamforth brings all that, plus a lifetime of brewing knowledge and wisdom. Read his book, and you’ll agree with Benjamin Franklin’s apocryphal quote: Beer truly is proof that God loves us.
From Bangkok’s Singha to the Sierra Nevadas
How institutional investing, indexing, and efficient markets theory promote herding
Secrets of foam, color, clarity, and freshness
From the bottle inward: the makings of a great brew
Discovering the “Slow Beer” movement
Traditional brewers, true beer culture, and real heritage
God in a glass: the spiritual dimensions of beer
Experiencing the magnificence of transformation and deliverance
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Feb 1, 2010
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Might read, Thanks OP!

EDIT: LOL, I saw beer, and I lept on it, I didn't even read the part about god :facepalm: .
Oh well, free is free.