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[Always] Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Templates

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[Always] Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Templates

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I recently posted this roundup of free pumpkin carving templates/stencils on the RFD Blog but I thought I'd share it in the forums as well! So whether you're looking for the perfect scary cat or the best Justin Beiber you can carve, here you go:
  • Reader's Digest: 27 free stencils that range from simple to silly.
  • Parenting.com: 18 kid-friendly stencils.
  • Redtri.com: 12 templates, including Vampire Pac-Man.
  • Stoneykins.com: 100 free templates plus some other templates available for a cost.
  • Better Homes and Gardens: 25 dog breed pumpkin stencil patterns and about a dozen for cats!
  • KraftCanada.com: tons of templates -- and pumpkin seed recipes, too!
  • TMZ.com: 13 celebrity pumpkin templates including Beiber, Ice-T and Susan Boyle.
  • HP.com: several pumpkin templates and lots of other printable freebies.
  • Dremel.com: if you have a Dremel tool, this site has twenty patterns to tackle.
  • Disney's Family.com: For 2011, you'll find lots of new Disney character pumpkin templates to try.
  • PinkRayGun.com has a great variety of interesting templates including Thor, Walking Dead Zombies, Stephen Colbert as well as characters from Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Trek, and more.
  • MarthaStewart.com: Unsurprisingly, MarthaStewart.com has a huge selection of templates, pumpkin creature instructions, and more.
  • Better Homes & Gardens has some free stencils and pumpkin ideas, as well as carving tips.
  • ThinkGeek.com: There's always a good batch of geeky, funky, user submitted pumpkin templates here. You'll also find a good selection from 2009, from 2010 and 2011.
  • CartoonJr.com: Here, you'll find some great looking Star Wars themed pumpkin stencils.
  • CBC.ca: The CBC logo looks a bit odd in jack-o-lantern form, but there more standard templates that you might enjoy (and they look kid-friendly as well).
  • Nickelodeon site nickjr.com: A good choice for kids with 10 free templates of Nickelodean characters like Dora the Explorer and Moose.
  • The History Channel: Not a bad variety of interesting beginner and advanced stencils... ever seen a Benjamin Franklin jackolantern?
  • PumpkinMasters.com: You'll find 10 free patterns, some simple and some complicated.
  • Celebrating-Halloween.com: over 25 traditional/conventional pumpkin stencils
  • Hersheys.com: 30 Pumpkin stencils, (10 each for easy, intermediate, and advanced)
  • FabulousLiving.com: You'll find 9 "Rock and Roll Heaven" pumpkin stencils with icons like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis.
  • Cyberhaunt.com: Over 20 traditional Halloween themed stencils available.
  • FantasyPumpkins.com: There's a variety of impressive (and challenging) looking patterns. Some geared towards kids as well.
  • BandOfCats.com has 28 cat-themed pumpkin stencils / jackolantern ideas.
  • DLTK-Holidays.com has a few dozen basic templates for you to explore. Many are simple and kid-friendly.
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