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Locked: Free Toshiba 37" LCD TV - To Go to a New Home (2005 model)

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  • Dec 23rd, 2012 7:06 pm
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Jun 15, 2011
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Free Toshiba 37" LCD TV - To Go to a New Home (2005 model)

Giving away my old Toshiba 37" LCD TV that I acquired in May of 2006 when working at Future Shop back in high school. Manufacture date is November 2005.

The model is 37HL95. You can check out more info here: ... oduct=5137

Everything works EXCEPT the power button on the remote control. Otherwise the buttons, volume and actual image does work on the TV. Reason for giving it away - just bought myself a new LED TV. Don't need another TV lying around in the house.

PICKUP ONLY! I am located in Richmond Hill. I cannot delivery sorry. As is since its free. You can come check it out for yourself HOWEVER it is not hooked up anymore and its a PITA to carry it back to my room.

Instead of pitching it in a recycle center, might be of use to someone who deserves it.

PM is the key!

PS: Might be giving away a Panasonic Home Theater in a box with a DVD player as well. TO BE UPDATED RE THAT.

TV - Gone to Slaughter

Panasonic - Tentative for ron1177
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