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Freedom Mobile Responds to Big 3 with 5GB Bonus, Starting at $60/15GB *HOT*

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  • Jul 1st, 2019 5:52 pm
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Freedom Mobile Responds to Big 3 with 5GB Bonus, Starting at $60/15GB *HOT*

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has been putting pressure on Canada’s ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers by offering generous data plans, which sparked Rogers to debut no overage plans, which have since been copied with promos from Bell and Telus.
Virgin Mobile $60 | 10GB | Unl. Canada Wide | Unlimited Text/Pic Msg | $10 Loy Bill credit | 10% off | $45.80

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Thread Summary
With the $60/15GB, get a $0/$0 Pixel 3a. [6/18/19]

For those considering Freedom

All phones: https://shop.freedommobile.ca/devices
(details page defaults to a $95 plan, scroll down to select)
The Plans: https://www.freedommobile.ca/plans-and-devices/plans

You can find current, objective user feedback on the Freedom subreddit.

There's a 15-day no-risk trial period, 'as new' devices can be returned for full refund.
You can confirm satisfactory coverage on the temporary number before porting over.
With the Pixel 3a you can put Freedom on the eSIM, your current SIM in the physical slot.
Freedom is the only Canadian carrier supporting eSIM on Android.

NO overage charges, all plans, since forever.
Over-quota usage is speed capped.

Big data offerings (autopay) [6/18/19]
16GB $60 (10+5+1)
22GB $80 (15+5+2)
32GB $100 (20+5+2)
The 5GB bonus data is permanent. The +1/2GB are 'nationwide' data.
Nationwide (RBT roaming) can now be used on the home network.

If you rarely place voice calls, select "Data+Text", get 20 or 30GB for $10 less.
Unlimited incoming calls, .05/min out, use Hangouts for free outbound.
21GB for $70, how hot is that? 13GB for $50.

Other high value plans [6/18/19]
$43/9.5GB LTE/3G
Nationwide $24/1.5GB, Prepaid

For BYOD new activation credits of $60 - $180 [6/18/19]
https://www.freedommobile.ca/en-CA/plan ... ial-offers

Freedom uses UMTS B4 (1700/2100), LTE B4/B7/B13/B66 (B71 to come)
Canadian-purchased, recent model iPhone, Samsung, LG and Pixel phones should be fully compatible.
Confirm specific models on the subreddit.

All Freedom plans offer full-speed LTE, VoLTE, and WiFi Calling (SMS & MMS).
Freedom's WiFi Calling can be used out-of-country, anywhere, as though on the home network.
In the West 10's of thousands of Shaw WiFi Passpoint hotspots are accessible to Freedom users.
Install the Freedom WiFi app for initial setup, afterwards you'll connect automatically, when WiFi's enabled.

Freedom offers heavily subsidized devices in return for a service commitment (24 month).
The subsidy is applied on a monthly basis.

An early cancellation will bill out the remaining tab balance.
Tab balance is the outright price minus any initial payment, prorated for months remaining.
eg. Pixel 3a on Freedom is $570 outright, $0 upfront on tab. Cancelling after 12 months would bill out $285.

Your online account will show the remaining tab balance under Billing Details.
Also number of months remaining, and Freedom's monthly subsidy.
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They were offering 4GB bonus before? So really just a 1GB bump
They could have done better
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RFDQ1016 wrote:
Jun 18th, 2019 3:40 pm
They were offering 4GB bonus before? So really just a 1GB bump
They could have done better
Better than 15GB for $60?
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Then you remember it's with freedom, not so hot.
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OP was a copy & paste without source citation.
iPhoneInCanada Jun 18

In fact, it was the Big 3 responding to Freedom last week.
Without Freedom these new no-overage plans - from the incumbents - would never have seen the light of day.

30GB for $100 was the significant change in Freedom's plans this week.
The data bonus is permanent.