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  • Jul 22nd, 2017 3:02 pm
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Apr 7, 2012
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Puppyduped wrote:
Jul 19th, 2017 2:19 am
PARVOVIRUS FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES BEING SOLD!!! I just purchased an 8 week old French bulldog for my kids from this breeder on July 15, 2017. Within the first 24 HOURS the puppy had diarrhea, Megan said in was from stress and leaving, then vomitting started. Within 48 hours the dog was at the vets and now has been there for 3 days at about $500 a day. Megan is now is not returning phone calls or emails. We will be pursuing this as my kids have been crying for days. We only got the puppy 4 days ago. He is at deaths door, vomiting and hasn't eaten for over 2 days, and she cant return my phone calls but calls the vet to say it must be something else. Even though she has the parvovirus test results in front of her face. I have blood test results, vet bills and bill of sales from royal pups. I will be posting them everywhere on social media i can since this has been done to my small kids; i expect my vet bills to be paid out of the cash i purchased the puppy with. She may seem like she cares for the animals but if she is not concerned with their safety and the hygiene of their environment then how can she really care. I feel painfully duped, my kids barely had the puppy for 24 hours and they are so attached. Parvovirus is contacted 7 to 14 days prior to symptoms. 8 families of new adorable frenchies born May 13/2017 are most likely in for a heartbreaking few weeks, especially if they do not go to vet soon enough. And costly. I hope somehow i am helping to prevent future pain to families.
I now see there are problems with the German shepherd puppies she breed above, that didn't come up when I searched under
As a future note of caution, 8 weeks is very young to be removed from mom and litter mates. Anyone that's letting puppies go so young, should have a red flag attached ...
Most reputable breeders will wait a solid 12 weeks (3MONTHS) before re-homing puppies. The development/social skills they learn from their litter mates up until that age is invaluable. It also ensures you're getting a well developed pup that's healthier and hardier.

It breaks my heart that you're dealing with Provo; waiting for a pup from a reputable breeder who only has 1-2 litters a YEAR is always worth the time. (Another big red flag is having pups avail year round!)
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Oct 24, 2008
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Mebee82 wrote:
Feb 20th, 2017 8:22 pm
Thank you for the info.
We have a 6 year old Frenchie. Wicked dogs but be ready to pay both up front and afterwards. She's been super healthy, but they are prone to knee,back and breathing issues. She had issues with both her knees which set us back almost $3k.
I would love to get another one but I don't think I could stomach the cost again, or the risk of crazy vet bills. I've looked at mixed like frostons (frenchie x boston), but I'm not sure if they are any less prone to health issues.
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May 1, 2006
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as an owner of a frenchie, you have to be a god damn idiot to want one of these dogs. perpetuating the breed by buying from a breeder is also really stupid. these dogs cant even have a litter naturally. get insurance or you will be paying many thousands in vet bills. trust me.
Aug 9, 2017
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I have visited many breeders and spent a lot of time looking for a bulldog from a good home. Many breeders didn't seem like they had the required experience and knowledge to raise pups. I am experienced with dogs as i have had them for the past 20 years. After viewing Megan's pups i felt like it was the right choice to purchase her puppy as she seemed like an outstanding breeder. She cares for her pups and keeps them in very clean conditions, especially compared to the other breeders. After i took her home i have never experienced any health problems of any sort. From past experiences I know that people often purchase their dogs and treat them as toys although those are live animals and it is a responsibility to own one. I have also learned that young puppies cannot be taken to public places like doggy parks and have to be fed the proper food in order to maintain a good health of your dog. Although people often tend to avoid taking good care of their dogs and then put the blame on someone else; most of the time the breeder, though Megan's pups are just amazing.

Thank you for the great helpful info and the amazing pup!