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Frequent Cough / Cold and Fever. Need Advice Pls.

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  • Jan 15th, 2018 10:17 pm
Aug 20, 2017
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Frequent Cough / Cold and Fever. Need Advice Pls.

Hi All !

I am writing this post as i really need some inputs or remedies that any parents here have tried. My son is 2 years old but in the past 2 months, he has had cough , cold and fever multiple times. We even stopped taking him to the early learning centers but every time doctors have said that its just viral and nothing of a concern. They did all the tests possible and ruled out any other issues.

The only advice that was given was to take care during winters ( weather changes ) and give him oral multivit drops. Has anyone tried any other option to improve immunity ? or is this just a phase ?
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Mar 23, 2008
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Gathering places for kids are naturally germ-breeding zones. It's a fact of life.

However... You might want to do some checking up, and seeing what kind of sanitation is done at the early learning centers. Do they make sure the kids are washing their hands? Do they suggest you keep your child home when they're sick? Do they wipe down hard surfaces throughout the day?

When you stopped taking him to the early learning centers, did he stop getting sick as often?

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Jul 5, 2004
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It is a phase, that lasts about 4-5 years. Kids get sick a lot during the winter. They touch everything and constantly put their hands in their mouths. There's really nothing you can do but wait until the warmer months. My 2 year old has a cold and cough right now, but we still go to playgroups with other kids. Most of those kids also seem to have colds right now. It's just the way it is at this time of year.
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May 12, 2014
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I suggest you keep bringing the kid to the centres if not in daycare. It's good for them in the long run.

When my kid started day care, the kid was sick for 4 month straight. Maybe not the whole time but it sure felt like it. Every kid I know that goes to daycare goes through the same phase, but it does end eventually.

There a lots of studies showing correlation with having contact to lots of germ and less asthma/allergies later in life.
Here are a couple via quick searching. ... a-1.323439

It is tough to see kids sick all the time, our remedy, assuming under 39 degrees fever is camomile tea with honey or ginger lemon tea with honey. Anything over that, I go straight for the Tylenol and see if the fever comes down or not.
Aug 20, 2017
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Thank you sooo much for the replies. Sorry for the late reply from my end. I was with our lil one almost entire day as he was having mild fever and would not let me do anything else. Went to the walkin Ped too and he ruled it out as viral and 3 - 4 day as the course.
Feb 7, 2004
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Just to add to what’s already been said, it is correct that the vast majority of colds/flu/croup are self limiting viruses and just need to run their course. The ER’s are clogged this time of year with this stuff that generally don’t need anything other than rest and fluids and over the counter Advil/Tylenol to control fever. One of the biggest things to watch with sick kids is their activity level. My boys always seem to have colds or croup but very rarely do they get super lethargic to the point where I have to take them in.
Jan 3, 2018
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The fever is the concerning part to me. I think you should get a referral to a pediatrician.

My 1 year is always sick with a cold & cough so that part seems normal to me based on my experience.
The fever is not and I haven't seen that with any of the kids that I know. My 2 year old has only gotten a fever once in the past year. This is why I'm concerned. I think an opinion from a pediatrician wouldn't hurt.
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Dec 11, 2008
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The fever is probably more concerning than anything else and will require your attention and go to the doctor.

The other stuff is normal, so many germs.

I only every parent who has sick kids from ages 2-6 and they themselves are always sick too...
May 28, 2012
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If it's viral, don't be alarmed if they break out into a rash a week or so later. Wished I had known that before subjecting my daughter to a battery of tests at the hospital when she was 6 months old. My children didn't go to daycare or preschool...the eldest, our daughter, got every single germ for a couple months when she started kindergarten but it sorted itself out and she was rarely sick after that.