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FUCOIDAN UMI NO SHIZUKU - anyone heard of it?

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  • Jan 7th, 2018 5:56 pm
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Oct 2, 2005
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FUCOIDAN UMI NO SHIZUKU - anyone heard of it?

FUCOIDAN by UMI NO SHIZUKU is very expensive. There is less expensive fucoidan however, I'm not sure if they are any good. I did some research and not getting much information on it or reviews.

Anyone able to provide some insight before I spend $330 US to purchase it for my mom who's currently living with cancer. I know it's not a cure however, for her to live a quality life while she's alive.

Thank you.
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Jun 28, 2003
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My mom (breast cancer survivor) would like me to buy some Fucoidan when I visit Japan in August. I am doing some research and will report back what I find.
Jan 4, 2018
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Who had try this product? I am thinking of buying it for my mother as the doctors will not treat her anymore and refer her to palliative care.