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Aug 10, 2004
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I replaced my aging x-e1 earlier this year with the xt-10 after the xt-20 was announced. I still like my x-e1 for the form factor but the xt-10 has been great! I am looking forward to seeing what the x-e3 has to offer though!
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Feb 21, 2013
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My friend ended up winning the X-E3 from the raffle they held after the Toronto event... not sure if they included a lens as well. One interesting thing is that they're bundling the E3 as body only, or with either XF 18-55mm kit lens or XF 23mm f/2...
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Jan 6, 2002
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Does anyone have any contacts at Fuji Canada product management, to whom I can submit some product feedback? My X-T1 failed in a peculiar way on Day 1 of my Ireland vacation, possible due to some weak design aspects, and I would like to submit some objective feedback to the company.

EDIT: to be clear I've contacted the Fuji Support/Repair email, looking for a more direct contact for product design.

Also, does anyone know of a Fuji repair center in Toronto that can tell me if the camera is kaput or reasonable repairable? Description of failure:

* I have owned the X-T1 for about 3 years
* When hiking, I have the camera clipped onto a backpack using a Peak Design Capture Pro
* The clip point is a standard tripod mount screwed in tightly to the bottom of the camera
* Early in this trip, when removing the clip mount to connect an alternate tripod mount, the screw mount bracket bracket inside the camera somehow broke/detached from the metal camera body and is "loose" inside
* I was able to "screw in" the other tripod mount by carefully shaking/holding the camera in order to thread it into the loose nut
* Now, whenever the camera is power on with a lens attached, the LCD display flickers on/off regularly for about 30 seconds, then shows "LENS ERROR" and stays on (happens on all my lenses)

What I suspect happened is that walking around with the camera and Capture/Pro clip put a lot of fatigue stress on the tripod mount screw hole "structure", and which eventually gave way. I suspect some internal metal shavings or remains of the "mini screws" are loose inside somewhere, causing a short or other issue with the lens connection circuit.


Luckily for my vacation I had a backup camera -- a clearly much lesser performing but still reasonably capable Fuji XQ2 pocket camera.

Maybe looking at getting an X-E3 once prices drop a bit with the higher Canadian dollar. Or try to pick up a discount end-of-stock X-T1 body as a replacement instead of paying hundreds to repair my current one.
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