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The following flyers cannot be searched for and do not show up in the list of flyers. The stupid city/postal code filter on RFD is blocking access to ANY flyer that is not specifically tagged to match my postal code or city. Will the mods fix this please. It's preventing archived flyers from being viewed as well as non-local flyers for online stores. All the flyers are being effected in this manner. I couldn't even search for the liquidation or web only boxing day flyer for someone else to view. I was lucky that I already had the address saved. ... sale-7285/ ... sale-7088/ ... sale-7115/

I'm surprised but everywhere online that I looked I can't find, at least no advertised deal on:
  • Bulk sized recommended LCD/LED cleaning liquid without cloths/wipes (I know some RFDers already suggested distilled water & Isopropynol).
  • High airflow/powerful laptop/notebook cooling pad/fan
  • 4-port KVM switches
  • Wireless keyboards with backlit keys & pointer control (thumstick/trackball/trackpad whichever)
  • Bluetooth Stereo Headsets w/Mic
  • Wireless 5-button (click wheel counts as a button) laser mice w/tilt & scroll wheel, that works on a PS/2 to USB port adaptor. For example original Logitech MX620 before fast scroll wheel model.
These I just wanted opinions/recommendations what is:
  • Fastest reliable 2.5" SSD on sale?
  • Better deal/quality than 800-Watt Cuisinart 5.5 Qt. Stand Mixer $279.99 Model: SM-55BCC futureshop web only boxing day flyer? 250-Watt Kitchenaid Mixer $100 in Futureshop liquidation flyer? Breville 550 Watt Steel Bench Mixer $199.99 Model: BREBEM800XL futureshop boxing day flyer?
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