General Guidelines for the Careers Forum

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General Guidelines for the Careers Forum


By popular demand, we've added a Careers forum. Topics in this forum should all relate to employment. So to that end, education topics can be posted, but only if they relate to future career ops.

For the time being, job postings and resumes should go in this forum. We don't know how popular they'll be, but if there are a lot of them, we will consider adding a Job Postings subforum.

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emoci can stop his campaigning now :lol:

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Ryan wrote:...... Please keep homework questions and the like in Off Topic.
lmao...whaddya mean hwk questions aren't critickle-ly related to 'careers'? :lol:
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I had a great loss prevention job with Detectex Security working as an LPO but I got layed off, I am wondering what other good LPO companies are out there that will pay at least $12 and up starting, could anyone please tell me ?