Government job posting closed early - Status : "Included in inventory"

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Jul 29, 2018
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Government job posting closed early - Status : "Included in inventory"

I applied to "Careers in Science and Engineering" graduate program in February (2018), then withdrew and re-applied in May. I am pretty sure the application deadline was some time in the 2nd week of September.
Today I check back and it seems that they closed the application process over a month early. Now the job posting is for next year with an October 2019 deadline. Do jobs usually close early?

In my profile, the status of the job application reads "Results Available: Included in Inventory". Previous RFD posts pointed out that it means you passed preliminary auto-screening and awaiting human HR screening. My question is: Does that mean I'm included in the inventory or talent pool for this year or next year? The job posting with Sep2018 deadline is not found anywhere anymore. The link from my job applications page is the same as above.

For an ideal/successful candidate, what are the next steps from here?

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