Grad school with a 2.7 CGPA?

Sep 16, 2018
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Grad school with a 2.7 CGPA?

I’d love advice on whether it’s worth it to apply to graduate school.

I graduated with a 2.7 gpa. It improves as the years go on and my last two years averaged a bit above a 3.0. However, I’m now enrolled in a certificate program where I currently have all A’s. I’m not done yet but it’s looking promising.

I also have years of work experience, great references and am publishing a paper (hopefully) soon. I currently work in the field I am hoping to study in graduate school and no one knows about my low GPA.

I really really want to go into research but feel like I don’t have a chance with my low gpa. I’d love any advice on whether it’s worth it to try and any ways to help my chances!

Thanks a bunch.
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Jan 8, 2009
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A lot of grad schools only look at your last 2 years or 10 full credits (as opposed to your whole undergraduate degree). If you really want to go into research, I would try and gain some volunteer experience at a minimum. I would also suggest you contact at least one of the schools you'd be looking at applying to and maybe go in and speak to one of their academic advisors. They could help you a lot more in terms of what's needed and how to best apply.
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May 19, 2015
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Depending on the grad school, if you can get a PI there are ways around the GPA requirement... that being said, 2.7 is very low and unless you have good reasons to justify them (family death, mental health etc) graduate studies will not even consider you without a PI vouching for you.

What I mean by this is... for example, you get rejected by x school of grad studies automatically because of GPA. However, PI at x grad school for sure wants you to work with them, PI has the ability to go around grad school cut offs and tell them to admit you because they will take you as a student. The reverse can also happen, you can get admitted to a grad school but depending on the school if you have to find your own funding/PI and dont then you dont start grad school even though you were admitted.

If your work is in a university that has a grad program that you want then youre probably set.

EDIT: I'm assuming you mean a research masters with a dissertation... if you mean professional masters like PT, OT etc then no. Your grades are too low and they won't even look at your application.
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