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Feb 25, 2007
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after reading this thread i was confident to go with chipmaster, and it was close to my house, so i just called Ron up, mentioned that I was a RedFlag member and ask what time he will be there till (5:30pm is his closing), inform him that I will be there around that time as I take the GO train to work, Ron say if you are coming I will wait for you. Damn traffic at McCowan, I was there 15 minutes late, Ron waited for me and didn't mind that I was late. Showed Ron my scratch/dent, he quoted me a RedFlag Savings price that I was comfortable with and I agree with the service, ask him if there is a drop box for keys as I will have to drive home and pick up my other car. Ron offered to sit with me in my car and he can drive it back, so i don't have to make another trip with my wife, took up his offer. Ron informed me that it will take a couple of days, and most likely will be ready Thursday morning which he will give me a call. Thursday morning Ron called me and informed me that my vehicle was ready. Picked up vehicle next morning, what a excellent job, car looks exactly as new. I even notice Ron wiped my interior dust down. Ron is a great guy to deal with, he is professional and courteous, delivery time as promised, price is fair, highly recommended!
Mar 24, 2006
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interested, just found it on kijiji, but refer back to rfd from their website :lol:

will take some pics first
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May 5, 2004
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I'm interested as well. I don't have any major damage but I have small scratches that I want to take care of now and lots of road rash on the front bumper. I am going to head out in person. Thanks, OP.
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Aug 27, 2009
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Against my better judgement, I got a very reasonable quote from Ron at Chipmaster but I decided to try a body shop that was more convenient for me which was

I had used Autodent Magicians a few years ago to push out a dent from a lady who let her runaway shopping cart ram into the side of my SUV. Luckily I was in the car at the time so she immediately offered to pay for it. I found Autodent Magicians through the internet and took my car into them. At that time my bumper was in the same condition as it was now, paint had been scratched off from another car backing into it, but there was no body work to be done. They initially gave me a $350 quote to do the bumper at that time, but I refused as I didn't think it was worth it, plus I didn't think it was a good price. While my SUV was in the shop getting the dent pushed out, the shop guy called again to say he could paint the rear bumper for $275 since my car was already in there. Once again I declined.

Given their satisfactory work on my car in the past, and their history on pricing my bumper paint job I asked Auto Dent for a quote but they came back with a high figure of $450 per bumper. I asked if they could beat the quote I got from Chipmaster, with the added bonus of me bringing my brother-in-law's car in to them for a bumper repair. Chris at Autodentmagicians emailed to say he could do all three for $900 total which would beat Chipmaster's first quote by all of $50.

As I had already sent Chris detailed pictures of my bumper, I asked my brother-in-law to go to the shop with his car to ensure we nailed down the price as the last thing I wanted was to get my bumper done and have them change the price later saying my BIL's bumper was much more expensive to do (as it needed bodywork as well as paint, whereas mine only needed paint). Also, since my BIL drives a 2011 BMW 335 I thought I'd do him a favour by bringing him into my bumper paint deal as I can see him getting some pricey quotes on his own given his ride. So my BIL brought in his beemer, the $900 was agreed upon, and they started work right away on his car.

I had my BIL drive my car to Autodent to drop it off when he picked up his car so I could get my bumpers done next. THIS IS WHERE THINGS WENT DOWNHILL FAST. Chris at Autodent suddenly changed his story saying I did your small corner of the bumper for $300 but for the SUV I gotta take it off to do a good job, I have to paint the entire bumper, you can see it costs a lot more. He then said he needed $700 to do my bumpers. My BIL tried to call me to see what I wanted to do but he couldn't reach me, it was in the morning and he had to go to work, he had already wasted 20 minutes hearing this new spiel from Chris who wasn't backing down and he couldn't drive 2 cars at once so he left my SUV there.

Upon hearing they wanted to charge me more I couldn't believe it and called Chris to air my disagreement. So now I get the spiel about how much work it's going to be, how he's not making any money from this, how the $600 won't even cover his costs, etc. etc. The one thing he never explained was what was different from when he saw the bumper in person a few years back and what was different from the pictures I had sent him a few days earlier to quote on. There was no missing piece of bumper that wasn't shown in the pictures, he just felt like he could wring some more money out of me. When it was my turn to talk I said - listen we had a written agreement, I brought me car in before and you actually gave me a better quote then, i'm bringing $900 of cash business to you, i already have a better quote for $650 that i'd be happy to have you verify. Things were getting heated and this is when he hung up.

I called back but it went to voicemail so I left him a message and told him either finish the bumper you're working on and I'll pay you $300, if you want to finish both i'll pay you the $600, better yet don't do anything and I'll pick up the car and I'll take it somewhere else, but if you think you're getting $700 out of me i'm taking this to the Better Business Bureau and any other authorities that I have to.

I received a call back from Chris a few minutes later with him apologizing that his phone died and that he could finish the car by Friday (whereas before he was saying he needed till Monday to finish from a Thursday morning drop-off after our disagreement on the money).

So on Saturday morning I went to pickup my car and Chris was not there so they other guy in the shop had to call him to see what the price was as he showed $700. Unfortunately when he called Chris it was more of the same spiel that I was already sick of hearing. I told him I would give him $600 plus a goodwill tip of $25, but he was asking for $650, with the other $50 to come from my BIL who was so sick of hearing this guy's spiel he capitulated and said he would pay an extra $50 for his bumper. This went on for about half an hour with the last half of the conversation being him yelling profanities into the phone at me, calling me an a-hole about a dozen times in a row, not to mention a cheap f'ing b'tard too many times to mention.

I honestly thought I would have to call the cops to get my car back which I threatened. Finally I had enough of him so I ended up paying him $675 which was the $600 now plus tax, and I put it on my credit card and got a receipt so that I had a record of the paint job and him working on the car in case something was wrong.

First thing in the car I smell coffee and there's a spill below the cupholders with a small pool of coffee that wasn't cleaned up, or purposely left there. I'm also getting a clunking sound front the front drivers side wheel area that seems like a ball joint going - could be a bad coincidence or maybe these guys were out joyriding and running over curbs, who knows. I do know that I should warn everyone possible about my terrible experience, as these guys are crooks.

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Dec 23, 2007
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Interested, contacted vendor via Email/website, with photos.


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