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GST/HST deducted from corporate taxable income or not?

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  • Apr 13th, 2017 4:52 pm
Apr 11, 2017
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GST/HST deducted from corporate taxable income or not?

I just incorporated last year, and the first year's income tax is due.

One basic question that I do not get clear answer. Should the GST/HST for my sales be deducted from net income, or taxable income?
I can not find this answer in the forms or the Revenu Quebec guide, maybe because of my poor French.

The situation is, if I calculate income (before tax) - HST/QST - payrolls(wages+tax), I have a negative number. However my accountant's summary still requires me to pay income tax.

I though the taxable income shall not include sales tax which I need to return to CRA and REvenu Quebec...
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Jan 18, 2017
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GST/HST is calculated on your gross income. So normally:

Gross sales * 5% = How much GST you owe. (Assuming Alberta GST rates. If you're in a different province, substitute the appropriate rate)

If you haven't been tracking HST separately, and just lumped all of your sales deposits as a single item, you'll want to split out the GST due:

Gross sales (including GST) * (5/105) = How much GST you owe.

You are correct that "Taxable income" doesn't include sales + GST. It's based strictly on sales less expenses.
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Feb 25, 2007
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My understanding is that HST/GST/QST/PST collected is never your income at all, it is merely tax you collected on behalf of the government, and are obligated to remit (less input credits etc).
Payroll "taxes" *are* expenses off your income.

So suppose you had:
$1000 revenue
$130 HST collected in addition
-$250 payroll you paid
-$50 payroll "taxes" (=various deductions, not taxes strictly speaking)
-$600 other expenses, goods and services you paid for to generate the revenue
-$78 HST you paid on those $600 expenses

Then, your gross revenue would be $1000, your expenses would be $1000-250-50-600=$900 so your net income before tax would be $100
Meanwhile, you collected $130 HST for the government, and you have HST input credits of $78, so you owe the govt $52 HST

Meanwhile your cash flow would have had $1130 in and $978 out, for an apparent net income of $152. But $52 of that is not yours, but the government's.

All sorts of simplifications made, including just (Ontario) HST rather than Quebec GST and QST.
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Aug 19, 2013
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Hst does not affect your income at all. You charge it when you make a sale, receive the hst from your customer then it is sent in to the government.

You should consider hiring and accountant or bookeeper to help you out.