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GTA/North York - Some free wristwatches

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Jan 6, 2018
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GTA/North York - Some free wristwatches

I bought some watches off AliExpress, DHgate and one from eBay. But since I bought a Pebble smartwatch I rarely wear any others so thought I'd give them to someone? I know it's not something expensive like a TV so idk if anyone would want these. I'll list them below with pictures, if you want any (or all) let me know.
I'm in North York, near York University.

hmt Janata Mechanical Hand Winding watch - the only watch that's not from China, got it from eBay for $30. It needs to be serviced, the winding is really tough. 37mm.

China watch 1. 39mm.

China watch 2. 42mm.

China watch 3 - has a defect. 41mm.

China watch 4 - there's 2 in this picture but a friend took one. 42mm.

Fake Casio from China - the real one is like $10 and this fake was $4 lol. All functions work, but there's no Casio logo.
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May 8, 2010
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I’d love any of them that are mechanical/automatic!