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Hackintosh users rejoice. Iboot now supports Ivy Bridge!

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  • Aug 3rd, 2013 11:50 pm
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Oct 15, 2005
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Hackintosh users rejoice. Iboot now supports Ivy Bridge!

if you have users in your home who are mac users and had a hard time like me getting it to boot properly on your shiny new Ivy Bridge setup(using retail methods).
well the great team over at tonymac have now updated iboot to support ivybridge. what does this mean?
no more tinkering with boot flags. no more using non legal distros to get to ML (mountain lion).
just pop in your legally obtained retail SL(snow leopard) DVD and boot from your newly made iboot usb stick and install as usual.
this also means that ivy bridge users now have a clear way to Mountain Lion using legally obtained OSX starting from SL all the way to ML.
this is great news considering that SL did not support Ivy Bridge at all making it very hard to get SL to boot at all.
this was a huge obstacle as SL is a prerequisite needed to get to ML via the appstore.

download is located here

i know there are tons of us out there who don't like osx but for me. i have a gf and daughter who love mac and this was the only way to go without breaking the bank on a macpro.
i ain't no apple fanboy in fact i am quite the opposite. but here is a nice solution to those who wanted osx mountain lion but could not boot into SL if you didn't already have a ML bootable dvd or usb stick.

PLEASE keep this thread clean. no trolls.
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Apr 21, 2004
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Hmmm. Is there any software out there or website that can tell me what ivy bridge laptops are most compatible to be turned into a hackintosh? So it's better to pick one up that runs Windows 8 and HD4000? How do I tell that the BIOS is not InsydeHDO?

Found this website: ... ackintosh/
If your laptop can run Windows 8, it can run OSX. If your laptop has only integrated graphics, the chances it will run OSX smoothly improves a lot. If the BIOS is not InsydeH2O, the chances of a trouble-free installation improve exponentially.

I plan to set up a hackintosh and see if my daughter will like it. I know Apple has a 14-day return window but I think that is too short to find out whether it will be a love or hate relationship.