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Has anyone dealt with Telus Web Store customer service?

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  • Dec 13th, 2017 8:15 pm
Feb 15, 2011
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Has anyone dealt with Telus Web Store customer service?

Hello all,

I ordered an Amazon Echo from Telus webstore a while ago, when they were offering it with Amazon Prime.

I decided to cancel the order. It looks like they only have an email to contact them. I contacted them to cancel the order on Nov. 20th. I received no answer, and then a few weeks later they shipped my item. I received it today.

In the meantime I have emailed them numerous times, and then found a phone number. I contacted this number and have waited on hold almost daily, left messages, emailed with my phone number like I'm supposed to do and have not spoken to a single soul.

I have gone into my Telus store, and I have chatted on Telus mobility's website. They have told me they are not affiliated with the web store.

I'm at a loss...they've charged my card, apparently I have 30 days to return the item, which should have been cancelled in ample time...However, I can't get a hold of any one to get things moving.

Any one have a solution, an idea or a similar experience?

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