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Has anyone tried opening a store on Etsy?

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  • Nov 10th, 2014 1:01 pm
Aug 17, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Sum_guy wrote:
Oct 21st, 2014 8:11 pm
I don't know if its better to go through etsy or just publicize through a blog. I'm going to put some items into a Xmas popup store on consignment but I'd like to give people an opportunity to see some of the other custom work I could do. I don't want to pay to list something on easy if it's not going to sell.
Xmas popup store? Sorry I am new to all those stuff. Could you pls be more specific or elaborate a little bit? Much appreciated! (Thanked ;D)
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Apr 7, 2011
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a popup store is a physical store that opens up for a short period of time. In my case there's a friend of ours that gets a bunch of artists to sell their crafts/artwork in one space. The retailer takes a (substantial) cut of the revenue, but they do have to rent space and work at the store. This is their Xmas show, they did another one in the summer and they've had a large art exhibition this past summer.

I'm not looking to make this a full time job so I consider it a good way to get some exposure and some sales. Ideally I'd drive some business back into my Etsy store where I can have less physical inventory (make on demand) and show some of the variations in colours/stitching/hardware/sizes that's doable. I can't compete against large manufacturers so I'd need to stress flexibility and uniqueness.
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Apr 7, 2011
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phatsi wrote:
Oct 28th, 2014 7:02 pm
What about a Amazon Store?
Most of the Amazon stores I've seen sell non-unique items. I don't think this applies to OP's situation.
Aug 16, 2013
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Hi MisaHatake8,

Congrats on your decision to pursue this passion!

Here's my response to your questions (if you still needed some advice). It's lengthy, but hopefully it's helpful.
Q1: Since you have no budget starting up I would suggest going through the social media channels you feel most comfortable with and can allocate the appropriate time to. For example, Twitter is much faster paced than Facebook. With that said, there are apps/companies out there that can automate all of that for you so that you can create a bunch of posts to be submitted at intervals. Like others have mentioned, don't be afraid of Craigslit or Kijiji.

Q2: Your pricing should be based on time taken for each piece (in a perfect world). I would suggest that you all make different products and have the person that produces the best quality focus on making the more expensive items. That way the difference in prices is more palatable. The issue you may have is that if you advertise only your best products (i.e. photos), your customers might have the same expectation for your cheaper products. Therefore, I'd market your goods with a proportional amount between the different qualities.

Q3: Your photos should go with your business' style. You don't need to have white backgrounds to show off your stuff, although you may want to have them to supplement other photos. Photos of products with a white background and perfect focus is great because it allows the buyer to see exactly what they're buying. However, you have to think about the context of the product's use.

For example, say you were selling a costume someone was going to wear for a performance. The buyer will want to know what the clothing looks like on a person. Not only that, but probably how it looks from close up, far away, in the dark, in spotlight, etc.

Other examples: if it's jewellery it might look better on a model, if it's a figurine it might look better on a mantle, if it's a candy dish it might look better on a coffee table, and so on.

Q4: You could possibly offer free shipping locally by meeting with people instead. I would suggest meeting in a busy, public place like a coffee shop. This has the potential for awkward situations, but on the positive side allows you to talk directly with a customer. You can get feedback that people would be too lazy to provide to you online otherwise. It's a great opportunity to show your personality and show off the product as well so that the person feels good about their purchase and could potentially refer your business to others.

Sorry for the long response. I created a site myself (kradl) that is specifically for people like you who are just starting out and don't have the funds to pay for anything until they make sales. It's also a free blogging platform which I believe is the best way to truly connect with audiences and turn them into customers. If you'd like more information please send me a PM. All the best with your business! I hope it's doing well.