Have you considered an online US or International University?

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  • Jul 17th, 2017 11:34 am
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Jul 29, 2007
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Have you considered an online US or International University?

Hey, just curious, for those of you who are wanting to continue your education, have you thought about an online US or International University? I am currently finishing up my BSBA degree from an US state university even though I am a Canadian Citizen without dual citizenship or US PR. For the cost, I am also going to be applying for Masters degrees from other US institutions as well, like an MBA or MIS... what about you?
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Nov 19, 2014
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UCLA extension is excellent. Great school, world-class Professors. It's a public university with the resources of a top-notch private university.

Also, tons of name recognition in Canada. University of Toronto and UBC have some name recognition, but people in Ontario aren't that aware of UBC. UCLA has tons of name recognition globally from Toronto to Shanghai to Mumbai. You sit at the bar with Earls King Street with a UCLA hat or shirt on, or an airport bar people won't fail to comment (especially USC alumni).

Even if you're sitting at a Toronto bar there with a UofT shirt, no one will say anything. No one outside of Ontario knows what Schulich is. People outside Ontario will wonder why you spell "Ivey" with an "e". People know what UCLA is though.

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Jul 31, 2017
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When I was in grad school I got ticked off with my supervisors and left my PhD program. Lately I have been regretting that so have been considering going back. But I work as a college prof and simply do not have time to go back through the PhD system in Ontario so am considering doing mine at a British university and doing it online. In grad school, especially PhD programs, you are never on campus anyway (unless you are teaching) so I don't see doing it online as being much different except that I would have to pop over there to defend. The problem is the fees as they can be quite high for international students. I have both Canadian and British citizenship so am hoping to find some way to work it out that I pay home fees, but even then the exchange rate is tough to swallow. Surprisingly, at least one UK university has stupidly low fees if you choose to do a law degree online, but for PhD programs their fees are higher.