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Having phone issues, with SD storage, and apps. What's the source of the problems?

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Apr 28, 2010
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Having phone issues, with SD storage, and apps. What's the source of the problems?

I recently purchased an Acer Liquid Zest Plus from Costco for a replacement to my Moto G. Also purchased a 32GB Lexar SD card, and now having issues, but not sure which product is to blame.

With my Moto G, will slow, never had many issues, even with the Lexar SD card. I got the Liquid Zest Plus, and no issues with the phone at all. Problems started arising when I popped the Lexar card into the Zest Plus. Apps are resetting themselves (Twitter will ask me to signin if I restart the device), and some apps disappear entirely (Maps.me for example). Factory reset the phone with the card inserted, as previously I was using the phone without the card, so thought maybe it formatted incorrectly. Right away after the factory reset, was having issues with Twitter resetting. Tried moving from SD to device storage, but when the app data page doesn't show it on either device or SD storage, seems like it's hanging around in limbo. When I try moving to SD it says not enough storage, but if I move to device then SD, it's fine.

I then took out the Lexar SD and moved it to my Moto G, and put in a Sony SD into the Liquid Zest Plus; Twitter resets on the Moto G the same way as the Liquid Zest Plus, but no issue changing between SD and device storage, while the Luquid Zest Plus with the Sony card has the same issues as with the Lexar Card. Other apps on SD reset after updating the app, but other apps are just fine and haven't been acting up at all.

Got the same phone and SD card for my mother, and she doesn't seem to be having any issues with her device. Naturally, I'd say it's an SD issue, but having the same issues on the Moto G with the Lexar card, but also the same issues on the Liquid Zest Plus with the Sony card. So I'm completely lost and confused, and frustrated :(
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I've had an old Sony/Ericsson that was picky with SD cards. The cards (Kingston and Lexar) would always get corrupted, although they worked fine in other phones. Ended up using Adata, and never had a problem since.