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HD Antenna Brampton

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Dec 2, 2008
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HD Antenna Brampton

Just wondering if anyone in Brampton has bought one of those HD Antennas that you can pick up at most satellite shops? I was at one shop and the owner told me he gets about 24 channels, I thought that was amazing considering the antenna is only about $50, but when I asked if he can flip through the channels to show me, he said he didn't want to. I thought that was weird, so I assumed he was lying to me so I left. Can anyone confirm if this is true? I assume the amount of channels available depends on where you live, I live in Brampton around HWY10/Williams Parkway... anyone in or around the area have one and can confirm how many channels you get?
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Jan 11, 2007
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You should be able to get the 24 channels at your location as I'm not that far from you and get them no problem. The antenna priced at $50 is irrelevant compared to what type of antenna relative to your home setup and geography.

For $50 you should be able to get a genuine channel master 4221. For about half that you can get a clone of this design. Your best bet, as has been suggested, is to do a fair bit of reading on the topic to understand how OTA works and what equipment might work best for you where you live.
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Aug 14, 2008
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Google "OTA reception Brampton DigitalHome forum" (their server is down now, otherwise I'd give you the direct link) and in that thread you will meet others in your area and the equipment you will require for maximum results.
People who are serious with their OTA HD often give up their clones for an authentic CM4221HD. A slight decrease in DTV reception by using a clone antenna for far away channels could mean the difference in not getting a strong enough signal because the clone is slightly engineered different from the ChannelMaster. These antennas are height and line of sight dependent, no obstructions, tower or roof tripod setup will give you the best reception. From Brampton, you should be able to get Toronto no problem. You may need to get a preamp to receive the Buffalo channels 24/7.
These are the channels and the location of the towers (see map at the bottom of the link) http://www.remotecentral.com/hdtv/ and it looks like you can point one 4221HD just above Grand Island and it should pick up T.O. and Buffalo because the 4221HD antenna has a very wide beam. But like I said, the distance to Buffalo may mean those channels come in and out. It's not like analog, there's no snow, it's either clear or out. The 8bay CM4228HD has longer range, however, I would not recommend it because it has a narrow beam and the Buffalo towers are spread far apart. You will also likely lose the T.O. channels if you point at Buffalo with the 8bay. Better to do the 4bay CM4221HD plus a preamp in your situation. Consult your peers in DigitalHome forum.

BTW, you need a late model LCD or plasma which will have an ATSC tuner in it to decode the digital feed. Otherwise you need to buy a tuner (on sale right now at The Source for $70 - Tivax) for every TV that does not have it built in.
Since they bypass the CRTC, the feeds from the U.S. have less commercials and are uncensored, as Canadians are allowed more commercial programming time than the U.S. This is why if you feel sometimes between CDN commercials you missed part of the show, you did.
All the major networks come in rich HD, however, no specialty channels... TSN, CNN, H&G, FoodNetwork, Treehouse, A&E, etc., but hey, once you're setup, it's all FREE if you can do without.
I get about 30 channels and can never go back to standard definition cable, saving $55/month off Cogeco :D