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Nov 28, 2013
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Heating in winter

Ok so I have smart thermostats ( stelpro) and right now it’s about 17 degrees in the house so it’s kinda cold and we live in quebec.

What are the best settings tomconfirgure thenthermostats so the house is warm but doesn’t cost too much at the same time.

Should I aim for 22-24 during the day and lower at night?

Should I aim less when we are gone and more if we are home?

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It's all based on your tolerances for the cold and whether you want to wear extra layers to be warm rather than heating the whole house. But even so, 17 degrees seems low... I set my Ecobee to 15 degrees on away mode just so I don't have to worry about pipe bursting in the winter time. There is really no "best setting..." it's based on your comfort level and how much money you want to save. Everyone will have different tolerances, and the hard part is if each person in the same household have vasely different tolerances. That would make things interesting...

And yes, you should generally let the smart thermostat set a lower temperature during winter and higher temperature during summer when you're not at home.
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Aug 2, 2004
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Assuming the house is empty during the weekday (work, school) I would set the thermostat like this

Monday - Friday

21 degrees - 17h00 - 23h00
18 degrees - 23h01 - 16h59

Saturday - Sunday

21 degrees - 07h00 - 23h00
18 degrees - 23h01 - 06h59

I fail to understand why people need a smart thermostat since you can program these temperatures into your thermostat