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Hello Everybody! New member from Ottawa!

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Dec 23, 2017
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Hello Everybody! New member from Ottawa!

Hi everyone,

Glad to finally join this web site.

I'm a software developer from Ottawa (ON),
and I am always looking for great deals both online & offline,
for products & services in my area.

I've finally joined the site & created my account, but I've been visiting the site for many years now as a "visitor".

Recently, I created a web tool to help with my shopping, that some of you might find useful as well:
Shop Search -

It allows one to search multiple retailers at once for the product(s) they want.

I created this initially for my own needs, as I was tired of searching manually each retailer separately.

Other than that, in my free time I enjoy cycling, swimming, reading & watching TV.

Cheers & Merry Christmas to everyone!

Cosmin S. (from Ottawa' west-end)