Help with going from failing University to College

Aug 30, 2017
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Help with going from failing University to College

Well here's the rundown. I was taking Computer Science at UW since 2012. In the first 3 years, I ended up doing 16 months of Co-Op at BlackBerry but the massive breaks in between school and myself not trying hard enough essentially caused me to fail repeated terms and now I have to withdraw. Part of the issue was that I forgot everything I learned in the first couple terms by the time I needed them again and I couldn't figure it out in time. I had no discipline on my own or any parental foresight. I have the potential to re enroll later by petition (which my Psychiatrist at UW says he would support) but for the time being, I'd like to do something else.

I've moved back home to Mississauga and I'm thinking about joining a college for a similar program. I'm looking at Sheridan and Humber Computer Programmer diplomas.

I did fairly well in high school so I know I'll meet the high school requirements, but do they requirements change if I've flunked out of university? Do I follow different admission guidelines? Do I write the math & english test?
Suppose I only want to enroll in one or two courses (such as a java course and something esle)? If I do well, can I then pursue a diploma with having those two courses counted?

I'm just really lost and I've never really considered this path. Any help is appreciated.

Humber's link doesn't work for me but here is the Sheridan one. ... programmer

I know Python, C++, C#, Scheme...., and HTML&CSS.
I believe I had a grade 12 average of something like 89 if that matters.

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Aug 29, 2001
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Lots of people have gone to collage after university and lots of people have gone to university after college. I would suggest find a diploma program you like and stick with it. Don't be afraid of co-op, 16 months is a long time which I would call an internship. To me co-op is 4 month terms of school and work alternating. You will get advanced standing if you did well in university allowing you to skip courses that they deem equivalent of what you have already taken. I went from hating my life in university engineering to technology in college where I really liked what I was doing. Alternatively - you've invested 3 years into your CompSci - do you think you can do your 4th year again and finish?
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Dec 27, 2007
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Maybe school is not the answer?
Alot of people follow their friends, and their colleagues and parents to go to school or whatever. But you need to find out what you want to do on your own.
Maybe you just want to do programming as a hobby and not as a career?
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Been in your shoes, OP... If you're still looking for guidance, drop a note.

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Apr 7, 2012
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Don't go back to school if you're insure.

Go get an entry level job and then let real world sink in .... that's also a great way to see what else is out there :)