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Mar 14, 2019
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help with itunes

Hi guys. I need some help here as I'm not really sure I understand what I am reading.

I have an iphone, and I saved all my iphone pictures to my computer. when I plugged it in, I was able to go into the file folder and drag/drop all my photos to a file on my pc... I made a desktop folder.

now I have a new iphone and I want all those photos on my desktop folder to go on to my new iphone. But the new iphone also has photos on it. How do I transfer them over with itunes, AND NOT lose the photos on my new iphone?

itunes is so frustrating :(
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Jul 16, 2013
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Name ur folder on ur computer
Connect ur phone to iTunes.
Find photos
Then find the folder at that itunes page
Then sync
It should appear as the same named folder on ur new iPhone
Ur existing photos on ur new iPhone will not disappear.