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Help picking the best deal - need to buy 2 tv's & 3 laptops ...

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  • Nov 26th, 2012 5:24 pm
May 18, 2008
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Help picking the best deal - need to buy 2 tv's & 3 laptops ...

Hi. I'm looking for ...

40'' for the bedroom. 60 or 120 hz, no 3D or smart tv, just a basic tv.
50 to 55''' 60 or 120 hz, no 3D but can be a smart tv with wifi etc - just not needed ... looking for best deal so will just take a basic tv as long as I can hook up my laptop/wii to watch online movies, etc.

I also need 3 laptops - $500 or under price range

1 for myself just for surfing online, entering contests/watching movies/tv shows. need it to be fast and good picture.

2 for gifts for college students. Need it to be fast. need video at least 1gb dedicated video memory,doing it for school, gaming, videos, etc. My son son is going for youth worker so nothing special needed there. My other son is going for animation/gaming. I was told the computer will need to run photo shop and other gaming software, Will need at at least 1gb dedicated video memory. I was looking at a computer at BB with 4 gb at BB for $499. Not sure what is good enough and last them a few years until they can aford to buy a better one.

Thanks in advance,
A tech challenged mom. :)
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Sep 5, 2010
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alright player get two of these for your sons ... e90893en02

both can handle most of what you throw at it even photoshop. plus if you want more power i belive there is a laptop with 7670 card cant remember

tv wise honestly man go withut50 plasma if you dont need fanciness
May 18, 2008
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Sony17 - That's the one I was going to buy for my sons. Is there somewhere I can get a better price or price match for a better discount. As for the tv does plasma use more hydro?

For the tv i'm willing to watch for boxing day if there's better deals.
May 18, 2008
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nksharp wrote:
Nov 26th, 2012 4:35 pm
Dell has a cyber monday deal going on with some laptops as well as tvs. ... s-1263615/

I was not looking for TVs during the weekend so someone else can probably chime in if there are better offers out there for tvs as I have no clue.
My problem is I have no idea the deference between computers. I read that i3 is less of a batterY hag then a i5 or i7 but know very little about these things. This will be our first laptop purchase. We have a older desktop and that's it. With 4 kids we haven't upgraded since 2005 or earlier to be honest. It's so slow I can't wait video on it that's how bad it is.
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Jul 25, 2012
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Well for basic PC use the least you'll want today is 2-4GB Ram and something around atleast 2GHz processor.

Your kids will want something a little more beefy however.

For your kids I would pay the most attention to video cards and RAM. I'm not too versed in laptops more of a Desktop user, but generally for all PC's if it doesn't even name the vid card or says "onboard" or "intrgrated" it's probably a generic/weak card in it, and they should have ATLEAST 4-6gb RAM memory in it too.

For the son who wants to get into animating, 3D modeling, and similar stuff, I think you might want to look into a Desktop computer instead of a laptop. Most cheaper priced laptops aren't quite able to handle 3D modeling programs and he will require a fairly top of the line Video Card. If going the Desktop route he'll most definetly need a dedicated video card and not any onboard or intrgrated one.

(BTW you might want to get both sons similar machines - if not the same ones, since i'm sure both will be gaming on them, possibly even together)
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