The *Help us help YOU* travel deal request/advice thread

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Nov 11, 2005
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Seeking advices and tips:

Budget : $1600/Pax or best offer
Date : Dec 26 or 27, 2015, return on Jan 2 or 3, 2016 (7 days all-inclusive)
Preferred Destinations : Dominican Republic or Jamaica
Point of Origin + alternatives : Ottawa + Toronto, Syracuse or Massena NY.
Travelers : Two adults and two children (6 and 10 y.o.)
Star rating : Min. 3.5 star or higher.

Thank you!

Any links to good websites to check out will definitely help as well!
Apr 30, 2015
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York, ON
Seeking advise for my honeymoon from December 13th to 20th. 7 or 10 days.
Wanted to go somewhere really nice, budget is about 1500-2000 per person, for flight and hotel.

Would really like to go to Hawaii however at that time of year I have been told it is expensive. 2nd option could be Costa Rica, but up for anything really. Flying out of Toronto.
Jun 18, 2012
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I went to Thailand (Bangkok, Krabi), HK, China (Shanghai, Guangdong) in 2013 and it was awesome. My boyfriend and I did a Business Class trip with Asiana and Thai Airways, best food and sleep we got ever. Ever since then we can't fly economy. It's horrible. I booked it with I Only Fly First Class for approx. 3k/person for business class round trip from Ottawa ->HK then from there we flew on Air Asia (super cheap flights within Asia, ex. Hk->Bangkok was $100 bucks last minute).

I checked I Only Fly First Class's First Class prices with top 10 airlines are about 4-5k/person round trip.

For HK and shanghai, the hotel was expensive. So if you're ona budget, i don't recommend it. The food and transportation is cheap that's about it.

If you're on a budget, def. recommend Thailand. The food and hotel was cheap cheap and cheap! We went during Nov/Dec which was considered high season in Bangkok and hotel was really cheap lke 40-100/night. $100 can get u a pretty good hotel. FOod was ridiculous cheap. We ate at the stalls a lot; $2 bucks for a meal. We went to one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world and cost us about $100 bucks for the whole meal (it was good). We then flew to Krabi, which I fell in love with. The island is so pretty. We rented a private boat for $100 bucks for 4 people for the whole day. You can do snorkling, swimming, everything.

I loved Thailand so much that I actually went back in Sept 2014 with my parents. We flew Business Class in Cathay this time again by booking with I Only Fly First CLass. It was around the same price per person. I was so happy I booked with them cause they just took care of everything for me while I had to take care of my parents. Cathay food and service was awesome. Their lounges makes the layovers a benefit. I LOVED their showers and soya milk...

Going back again in Jan/Feb, this time will be flying First CLass (woot) with Japan Airlines!
Feb 2, 2009
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Doing a road trip to toronto to edmonton

just need advice and tips for a long road trip estimated 36 hour drive
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May 17, 2007
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DRIZZY93 wrote:
Jul 28th, 2015 8:49 pm
Doing a road trip to toronto to edmonton

just need advice and tips for a long road trip estimated 36 hour drive
Be prepared. Have plenty of cold drinks and east snacks. Keep advil handy for the eye strain headache lol. Cross country driving is hard. Bring a gps-scope out motels etc on it to plan your next stop. That way you can book a room on an app and not pay counter rates

Pack emergency kit including flares, a tire jack and tube kit. Keep a blanket in the car.
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Jan 11, 2004
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+1 on booking using a website along the way. I've used hotwire a lot on road trips and it's been pretty good. Starbucks have wifi typically 24 hours. I've parked in front of many of them and booked hotels that way when data reception is crap.
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Jan 22, 2006
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Hey Guys,

Looking for a flight + hotel + car deal for the following:

Date: November 17 - November 23 , 2015
Destination: Los Angeles
2- 3 Adults
Origin: Toronto
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Dec 12, 2007
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When is the best time to book flights within Canada for Thanksgiving? Should I pull the trigger now since most deals will have those as blackout dates?

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Nov 22, 2013
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Thornhill, ON
Looking for a mini vacation somewhere nice and warm during Christmas season.

Budget : $1000/person
Date : Dec 24 or 25, 2015, return on Dec 27 or Dec 28, 2014 (3-4 nights stay, hotel and flights included)
Preferred Destinations : Miami or Los Angeles
Point of Origin: Toronto
Travelers : Two adults
Star rating : Min. 3.5 star or higher.

Nov 6, 2012
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Hi folks,

Looking for a cheap holiday the first week of December 2015. Preferably all-inclusive. From my quick research it seems like Mexico is the best bang for your buck. Budget of about $1500 per person (2 of us). Any better spots out there? Or mexico recommendations?
Aug 31, 2015
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Looking for a Car Rental (Convertible) in Palm Springs, CA. October 17 - 24 at 1pm.

Best I could find was $241.48 with Budget & $261.51 with Avis.

Can anybody do better?
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Nov 1, 2006
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Looking for a flight and accommodation package in Chicago. Want to depart Toronto on Thursday 15 October and return on Sunday afternoon 18 October. Based on my early research, flights are OK but accommodation downtown seems very expensive. Budget is $2,000 but that includes food etc. so maybe $1,600 for flight/accommodation.
Sep 11, 2015
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Madden, AB

Leave Oct 2 (fix) - Return Oct 10 (flex)

Preferred destination
Victoria BC, family things.

Who's traveling
2 Adults (1 male, 1 female both 18+)

Point of Origin + alternatives
YYC Calgary, I dont think there is any alternative to leaving from here.

Star/ratings + meal requirements
I dont really know how to answer the rating Ive never had to use a hotel before. As long as its not a dump and we would like to have it close to the core. Our family is located to the NE of the core and we would like to avoid having to get a rental car if possible. Also the food doesnt matter, we will more than likely be eating out...

Packages or air/hotel only >>> Im not sure what a package includes but basiclly need to get there and have a place to stay.

Preferred hotel chains/airlines >>> No preference for either.

Thanks in advance.
Sep 10, 2008
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Halifax, NS
I'm looking to go to the Caribbean sometime the first 2 weeks of February. I have never been before and have no idea about price and the best time to book. Here is what I'd like:

fly out of Ottawa, but can be Montreal if worth it
4.5 stars or better
adult only preferred
must be on a beach --would like it to have good snorkelling for free :)
$1000 max/person (taxes in)

I can book the Valentin Perla Blanca from Jan 18-Jan 25 for $913 taxes in. It looks AMAZING, but is getting mixed reviews. I have nothing to compare it to, but I think that unless I had an absolutely horrible experience, that I would be happy with the choice.

Some friends have said that if I go mid-January that it might not be warm enough to swim at the beach, and that the food in Cuba is generally not great. Can anyone comment on either of these topics? Any chance that the food is better now that the embargo has been lifted?

I'm trying to decide whether to book what appears to be a good deal, or wait and book 4-8 weeks out and try to get a last minute deal. How cheap can I expect to get something 4-8 weeks out with 4.5 stars or higher?

Thanks for your help :)