Here is a list of Last Minute Travel Sites...

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Dec 26, 2004
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My favourite last minute travel sites:

I check what is available first on
Then I use the same dates and either book through GCR for $18 cash back, then enter

I also book through since the prices are sometimes cheaper than matrix. I also recommend and

Check for any online promo codes.

I pay with either my MBNA World Travel MC card or MBNA Smartcash MC for additional money back.
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Nov 29, 2004
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I came across a last min site on rfd that started with M or N... it was 5 letters and I can't remember what it is can someone help?
Dec 19, 2013
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Great work.thanks for sharing list travel site. surely it will help to the people who searching travel site. once again big thanks for sharing..
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Oct 16, 2007
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anybody used recently? Did they really send giftcard if you book through them?
Nov 18, 2014
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Keswick, ON
Flights and accommodation. Albeit this is very inclusive list. Missing are two very cool alternatives. I have had great luck using for accommodation. Also, I have found flights on both Craigslist and Kijiji. I am very cautious when buying flights from individuals but so far so good. As for the accommodations Airbnb providers have told me they find younger people cleaner and better guests. OLder persons staying for 3 days to a week treat the accommodations like a hotel, expecting room service to pick their towels and garbage off the ground daily. Younger people get the idea. Treating their week long rental more as a cottage rental. Airbnb people can say now say thank you the old folks have been informed. P.S. As an older person I would like to see my demographic pull up our socks, Or pass on airbnb.
Dec 16, 2014
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Toronto, ON
Absolutely great travel websites list for last minute pick!! I believe to choose better traveling information and hotel booking options such websites are truly effective. Thanks for nice contribution.
Mar 18, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario
These are all great sites. Another site that should be added is It's sort of like a cheap flights but I found that the sites provided have way better pricing options.
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Oct 23, 2006
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quick question : is it usually better to book an all-included vacation in advance or last minute? I would leave on 04/11 or 04/18 depending on the prices
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