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  • Jul 27th, 2017 12:27 pm
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May 11, 2007
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Eaglesfan99 wrote:
May 26th, 2017 3:31 pm
Hey everyone

Planning a honeymoon soon after I get married. The dates are Thursday aug 31 departure (leave after work) or Friday morning sept 1 and come back night of sept 4 or morning sept 5
- carrabean is really hot that time of year? Is still ok to go? I've never been down there
- is all inclusive meaning as much as beer as u want?
- we don't have to go down south but that's what everyone does? Where else would u go that's worth mentioning?

Carribean will be very hot and humid. If you decide to spend most of the time on beach or pool then it is ok, sometimes even the breakfast and buffet restaurants are hot. Yes you can have as much alcohol as you want. They have some local beers and some premium, depend on the resort you go to. There will have a mini freeze that will be filled up every day with beer and there are bars all over the resort. They have couple of main bar were you get most premium alcohol and cocktails. But believe me, they have more alcohol then you will be able to consume.
Jul 23, 2012
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By chance does anyone know any last minute flights to Turkey (izmir or istanbul) from Montreal? Been looking for departure dates between June 21 and 24 and a return date of July 21 (flexible on leaving before that date), but haven't found anything decent; ya it's the high season and for sure this is really last minute. I have a british passport, so don't mind doing domestic flight or the train, planes and automobiles through the EU :).
Feb 19, 2012
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I've had good success with (In the Montreal area), they can match the price, and will usually throw in a $50-$100 Visa gift card as well. They're more of a brick-and-mortar travel agency
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Jul 8, 2005
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I am looking for a good deal for my family's first all-inclusive vacation in the south. We want to leave on the 5th or 5th of August but we are finding, as it indicated earlier in this posting that it isn't easy to find serious last minute deals. it is probably partly because I am new to this but I am finding it difficult to find a vacation in Punta Cana or the Mayan Riveria that is under 5,000 for four people including two young children (5 and 7). Are my expectations unrealistic?

I have looked on Expedia,, selloffvacations and several other websites multiple times so far . . .any assistance would be appreciated.